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August 10, 2016

Water Resource Development

Water is a veritable source of life in Africa and as the population of the continent continues to grow exponentially, water scarcity has developed a new […]
August 10, 2016

Food Security

Agriculture continues to be the main source of livelihood to most Africans. In spite of the development and vulgarization of environmentally friendly techniques of improving food […]
August 10, 2016

Environmental Conservation

Based on reports from COP 21 recently held in Paris, France, global atmospheric temperature will increase to 1 degree centigrade in 2016 and beyond. Following the […]

Our vision is to positively impact communities by changing their lives, be forerunners in carrying out independent operational research and ensure participatory development in lagging regions or poor communities in Africa.

About our organization

Why we help

Our current world has some outstanding peculiarities: rapid population growth that is making a steady rise towards 8 billion, technological advancement, globalization and its adverse impact on marginal communities, changing consumption patterns, inequality, heightening of the poverty gap, disease outbreak, insecurity and inter alia, anthropogenic forcing on climate change

ACRID seeks to offer vital links between stronger institutions and grass root population in a synergistic manner and to realise this, set goals, objectives, mission and vision have been conceived.

Our history

ACRID is a research and development based non-profit organization created in 2005. With its head quarter in Cameroon, plans are underway to expand to other countries in Africa, notably in areas where endemic poverty is common. We invite you to join us in changing the lives of people who have been rendered poor by some precarious environmental, social, economic and political forces surrounding them.

Our activities lie on the following platforms: research and development, climate change mitigation, management of forest and water resources, food production, education and sensitization, women empowerment and health. We therefore seek to take the lead in meeting the needs of the needy.

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Meet the team responsible for all the great work we've been doing the past 10 years.

Dr Fidelis Orock Tanyi


Dr. Pius Mosima

Vice President

Denis Tabi Orock Eta Tanyi

Secretary General

Egbe Linda Besong